Pressure transmitters
Provide best-in-class accuracy levels and the longest standard and optional warranties in the industry.

Flowmeter technologies
Magnetic, Vortex shedding and Coriolis that provide unparalleled solution for liquids, gases and steam.

Process analytical sensors
Revolutionize pH and conductivity measurement.

Temperature transmitters
Providing accurate and reliable measurements in the harshest of environments.

Level measurement
Including LevelStar Buoyancy and LevelWave Radar devices for the widest choice of installation and applications.

Wireless measurement
Discover Accutech devices where traditional instruments struggle with operation and budget goals.

Wireless monitoring
Centeron Wireless Tank Monitoring hardware and software solutions. Providing powerful tools, targeted information and sophisticated analytics that allow you to increase your efficiencies.

Valve Positioners
Valve positioners and accessories.

Pneumatic instruments for measuring, recording and controlling.